Full Government Grant List

These are just some of the grants available to you through the United States Government, COMPLETELY FREE! Keep in mind there are 15,000 other grants available for every state to help entrepreneurs. Whether your looking for free money to buy or build a house, free money for job training or to learn a new skill or money to travel the world... this book has done all the work for you!

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1. $1 Billion To Work on Ideas
2. Technology Assistance
3. Invention Assistance
4. Hurt by Imports?
5. $50,000,000 For Air Service
6. Sell Overseas
7. Advanced Technology Money
8. $425,000 To Save Energy
9. Venture Capital
10. $100,000 To $300,000 In Massachusetts Venture Capital
11. Government Grants to North Dakota Women
12. 80% Discount To Energy Consultants
13. Grants To Train Employees
14. $25,000 To Upgrade Employee Skills
15. $5,000 To Learn New Technology
16. $500,000 Venture Capital From New York
17. Convert Gas Vehicles To Alternative Fuels
18. Money For Job Training
19. Keep Jobs in Pennsylvania
20. Clean Up Assistance
21. Pollution Control Grants From Virginia
22. Agriculture Marketing Grants
23. $150,000 To $2 Million In Delaware Venture Capital
24. Money For Development And Marketing In Delaware
25. $5,000 To Train Employees in Tennessee
26. $3 Million To Growing Tennessee Businesses
27. $50,000 For Delaware Investors
28. Venture Capital For Low-Income Entrepreneurs
29. Money To Train Kentucky Employees
30. $250,000 To Train Employees in Ohio
31. Money To Recycle Tires
32. $10,000 For Alternative Fuels in Indiana
33. Grants and Help For Ohio Business
34. $30,000 To Reduce Wood Waste
35. Grants To Improve Energy Efficiency
36. $5,000 To Go Overseas
37. $1.6 Million For Illinois Job Training
38. Use Recycled Materials
39. Used Tire Grants
40. Government Grants To Recycle Solid Waste
41. $1,000 Job Training Grants
42. Grants For Environmental Cleanup in Wisconsin
43. $5,000 Grant To Work On Your Painting
44. $10,000 For Every New Job Created
45. Recycle Wisconsin
46. Get 50% Off Training Costs
47. $30,000 To Start A Rural Business
48. Minority Enterprise Grants
49. Grants For Recycling Businesses
50. Wood Utilization Grants
51. $4,000 For Technical Assistance
52. Recycle Missouri
53. Grants To Train Arkansas Employees
54. Smart Texas Jobs
55. Quality Oklahoma Jobs
56. Money For Small Businesses
57. Iowa Job Training
58. Forgivable Loans For Training
59. New Skills Development
70. Business Network
71. Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
72. Money For Iowa Entrepreneurs
73. Kansas Job Training Grants
74. Venture Capital For Kansas Businesses
75. Government Grants For Businesses In Rural Kansas
76. Kansas Venture Capital
77. $3,500 For Trade Shows
78. $1,000 for Your Kansas Invention
79. $5,000 To Prepare Grant Proposals
80. New Mexico Job Training
81. Washington Job Training
82. Oregon Venture Capital
83. Child Care Money
84. $25,000 To Develop Business Plans And Patents
85. Train Colorado Employees
86. Utah's Short Term Intensive Training Grants Cover New Employees
87. $100,000 To Move Your Business To Utah
88. Grants To Dairy Farmers Whose Milk Is Contaminated Because Of Pesticides
89. Grants To Sell Food Related Products Overseas
90. Grants To Producers of Corn, Sorghum, Barley, Oats and Rye
91. Money To Local Communities Near National Forests to Help Businesses Grow or Expand
92. Government Grants To Nonprofits to Lend Money To New Businesses
93. Grants and Loans To Telephone Companies That Then Provide Financing To Small Businesses
94. Free Plants to Nurseries
95. Government Grants ToCommunities That provide Money and Help To Small Business Incubators
96. Grants To Communities That Help Finance New or Old Business Due to New Military Base Closings
97. Grants To Fishermen Hurt by Oil and Gas Drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf
98. Government Grants To Develop New Technologies for Your Business
99. Grants for Marine Research
100. Grants To Organizations That Help Minorities Start Their Own Businesses
101. Grants To Help Minority Enter New Markets
102. Grants To Organizations That Will Help You Sell to the Dapartment of Defense
103. Grants For Housing Research
104. Government Grants To Small Coal Mine Operators to Clean Up Their Mess
105. Emergency Housing Grants
106. Grants To Asian Elephants
107. Government Grants For Protection of Immigration Rights
108. Money To Fisherman Who have Their Boats Seized by a Foreign Government
109. Grants To Build an Airport
110. Grants To Bus Companies
111. Grants To Become a Women-Owned Transportation Company
112. Grants To U.S. Shipping Companies That Have To Pay Thier Employees Higher Salaries Than Foreign Shipping Companies
113. Money For Airlines To Fly to Small Towns and Make a Profit
114. Grants To Women-Owned Business To Help Get Contracts from the Department of Transportation
115. Grants To Help Learn About Computers
116. Grants To Provide Technical Assistance To Businesses
117. Help For Contractors and Others to Get Bonded to Obtain Contracts
118. Government Grants To Local Organizations That Help Women to Start Their Own Businesses
119. Government Grants To Local Organizations That Help Veterans to Start Their Own Businesses
120. Grants To VA Homeless Providers
121. Money For Disabled Veterans To Start New Businesses
122. Help For Retired Military To Start a Business
123. Insurance Against Your Business in Another Country Being Hurt by Foreign Politics
124. Money To Work on an Energy-Related Invention
125. Grants For Science Research
126. Grants For Biomass Energy Technologies
127. Grants To Local Organizations That Help Women and Minorities Get Department of Energy Contracts
128. Grants To Develop Energy Saving Products
129. Grants To Work on Solar Energy Products
130. Government Grants To Develop Uses of Fossil Fuels
131. Grants For Health Research
132. Government Grants To Businesses That Employ People with Disabilities
133. Grants For International Peace
134. Government Grants For International Peace Articles
135. Grants For Nursing Research
136. Grants For Family Violence Protection
137. Government Grants For Agricultural Safety Research

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- Grants For Living Expenses
- Grants For The Arts and Humanities
- Help For Inventors
- Federal Money For Housing and Real Estate
- Money For Your Travels
- Free Money For College Education
- Hundreds of Free Scholarships
- Free Money To Send Your Children To Private Kindergarten Thru High School
- Job Training Programs
- Grants For Communities
- Free Research

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